My Story..

Well I was born in Phila. PA. my parents came from the UK 2 ears before I was born,, My father received a call from the hospital ." Mr Jones, your wife has left. Would you like to come pick up your daughter?" .Well he did, and he and my Gran raised me until I was 5 .He then met a nice lady that he thought would be a good mother for me.Well she tried , but along about that time my what ever you want to call her. real mum, birth mum, any will do came along and thought to claim me.Back in those days , a mother always won in court, So off to live with a lady I never met, and a man I did not know that I was instructed to call Daddy, It was 6 months before I saw my father . He went to court and won the right to see me.I found out later in life that he considered taking me back to the Uk., but thought that I had enough confusion for one year,.Little did he know that it would have been a blessing, My mum.what to say,She thought that hitting was the best way to train a child. Did I say hitting? I mean beating the living daylights out of. My Stepfather raised horses in South Jersey.11 if I remember correctly,One of mums favorite torments was to make me clean the stalls in barefeet in winter. It was about 2 degrees outside , She said the dung would keep me warm enough. Back them child abuse was not talked about, hush , hush. My 2 sisters by my stepfather did not receive this kind of treatment, he would not have stood for it, but me being another mans child .he did not feel his place to speak up for me.. This went on until I was about 11, then one day I came home from school to find a bag packed, " You are going to live with your Father." was all that I was told. JOY!! Or so I thought, My stepmother by this time had 4 children with dad.And here comes this almost stranger into her home. We did not get along well. At 13 she gave my father a choice.Her or me . well back to mums, This time however I was not going to put up with her torment, I came home from a friends house one day and she was cooking pasta, One of those large pots that hold about 5 gallons of water. I to this day I dont remember just what set her off,but she thought hat throwing a pot of boiling water was jolly good fun, She missed and the water flew across the room and splattered all over the floor.This made her even more mad,She an across the room to chase me and tripped and hurt her back, She lay there helpless on the floor.I asked her if she could get up. No was her answer. I then went to he bedroom and took mt stepfathers shot gun off the wall and loaded it.I walked back into the kitchen and put the gun on the table, and left the house and went to a phone booth.I called the police and told them that they had until I walked back home to get there or I was going to blow her away, When I got there 2 police cars were in my driveway, They took her to the hospital and took me away, I went into foster care until things could be sorted out. My father was contacted and told to come and get me .but my stepmother said no. so I stayed in foster care for a few years, You would think that it would be heaven compared to mums right? Wrong! The first one was nice but it was only a place to stay until a long term home cold be found. I 2 weeks I was sent to my first long term placement.There were 12 children , there.Girls all.I was told by the lady of the house that if I wanted I could make some pocket money by being nice to a few men that came to see her. I ran away that night.I hung out at the bus station for awhile, then found a nice man who thought that 13 was just he right age to be his girlfriend, He was 45. In spite of my up bringing I was quite sheltered about many things. When I found out what he wanted I left .and went back to the bus station,The police came for me 3 days later,.LOng term placement 2, A couple that thought that foster child was another word for maid, and cook, while the money the state gave them for my care was to pay for their drugs.I lasted 4 months there and ran once more, Now 15 I went back to my father at last.He and his wife had divorced and so I was allowed to return , Well let me say that by this time I was a bit pissed at my father, for not letting me come home sooner, but still glad to be in a safe place.We did did however have problems. I went to work at 16 in a diner.and met a 6foot 6 manI thought was the man of my dreams.OH was I wrong!!I ran away and married this jackass.He was 25 , I was 16, amd stupid.I didnt think about what does a 25 year old want with me just that e was good looking and said he loved me.All I needed to hear.I was a virgin when we got married, about 2 weeks after we were wed he said to me,You know I have been with many women but you have never been with or will never be with another man, I dont want down the road for you to resent me for it so I wanr you to sleep with another man just to get the experience, Well he picked out one or so I thought, ,I thought he loved meso I did as he said and slept with the man, then found out that he made 100 dollers on the deal. for letting a man sleep with his 16 year old wife.Still young and stupid I stayed. Well 2 years later I son and one on the way,I get a phone call one morning by him, He had gone to a party the night before and hadn't come home," Are you sitting down " he asked." I am in jail" he went on to explaine that he was charged among other things attempted rape, well to make a long story short he was found guilty.
and sent away for 15 years. but he was out for one year on an appeal. Being very near to giving pregnant with a small baby already, where was I going to go.I went into early labor at 6 months .. they tried to stop it but to dice.. My daughter was born 1lb 6 and they did not think she wold live, er father walked into the room where i was and said She cant be mine and walked out..Then and there I grew up,the jackass was sen to jail and I was left to raise 2 children,One that was blind , deaf and would never walk ..All through my life books were the one place I could go to get away from everything,I would read anything I could get my hands on,I worked as a waitress, bartender, construction, what ever would pay the bills, but never thought to give up the desire to be a writer. I made myself learn. I would read the classics , Twain , Poe,Lord Byron , Percy Shelly, Charles Lamb, the works of The Bard, Bronte sisters, I have raised a son , lost a daughter, and still I will read . I now have 2 books for children due out soon ,And a 300 page book on king Arther due to the publisher soon . If I can live and thrive that I can do anything!
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well you shut me up . . . sorry about your miserable childhood . . . but you did done good . . . 8D . . . you go girl ! ! . . .

My God you're amazing!

Pay no mind to the grammar police down there. You have come a long way, truly have been through hell and now because you stood strong, you are reaping in the rewards. Im sorry for the loss of your daughter, I can't imagine that pain. I don't even know you, but I am proud of you. You have definitely inspired me to keep on keeping on. Please continue writing! Best wishes to you!

If you with that spelling have published 2 books then im Michael Phelps and have just won another gold medal!