I went to India on a missions trip in my early twentys. Loved it. Rolling hills, natural beauty and the people were kind. Not to mention if you are a white american and overweight, you are SEXY there. I had to admit, it is pretty flattering to get that many marraige proposals in a matter of a month. But my trip to India was very exciting and i learned a lot. We worked with a small village in the area of Madras called Padappai. I had a lot of fun when i was there...
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oh yes frosty .. we are also called fluffy :) I would love to go too :) xox

lol @phatnhapi,i have never heard the name"fluffy" before.Fluffy ones can be just as sexy as "normal" women.I would love to go to India.

Yes, jaeparker, you are correct. Have you been?

Madras? These days it is known as Chennai. Anyway Glad you liked India :)

hmm nice story :) Nice to hear they like us fluffy ones :)