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Its crazy there. Totally different from anywhere else. The ultra rich and super poor are there.

It was super crowded and hot. Shopping in the little shops and stands wasn't really cool even though there were some cool things because you have to haggle a long time to get the right price. If you don't they will rip you off.

Cabs were decent. If you haggle, you can get a full city tour for $50. Food wasn't cheap either. I don't know how people live with prices like that. There's also a lot of tax.

There are some cool buildings from the British times but you see more dilapidated buildings and unfinished buildings because of shady business.

I so wanted to like it but it was intense. Maybe if I knew a local, it would be better. Idk its dirty and it is so hard to find trash cans.

I stayed for a week and I still have mixed feelings about it.
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Have you been back? Or to another part of India?

I've been there 3 times and could happily never go back. It's miserable there, so much poverty is just very sad. The children asking for money at the airport, limbless people begging at street corners; many of the wounds are self inflicted in order to get more money. It's just sad, and staying in a nice hotel with there's a shanty town right next door in unnerving to say the least.

WOW, that's so cool! I've heard so much about Mumbai. It's one of the biggest cities in the world but I don't think I know anyone that ever went there. It sounds a bit like NYC. Have you ever been to NYC? <br />
<br />
Is Mumbai the largest city in India or is it Bombay or New Delhi? And does Mumbai have a subway system?

No I haven't been to NYC but the cabs in Mumbai remind me of NYC cabs rushing to drive ppl.
Mumbai is the largest city in India. Bombay and Mumbai are the same place. It was Bombay originally then it had a name change to Mumbai. And I don't think theres a subway system there. There are trains there tho. Ppl mainly use cabs or walk.