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Oh how I wanted to see the greens of Ireland. Our son was promised a trip, so before school started again off we went. It was a fabulous trip where we took great advantage of the scenery since we don't see many castles where we live. (the white one doesn't count) Our trip was a whirlwind flying into Dublin and traveling east to west to Galway. We visited the Cliffs of Moher and had our breath taken away. We stayed mostly on the roads that took us around the coastline and then back to Dublin to head home. We hit the "must see" tourists sites (Guinness - a must! Jameson, The Book of Kells, and Blarney and Bunratty, etc......) If you live in Ireland this probably is very boring information, but to someone who had always dreamed of visiting it was a trip of a lifetime.

I can't wait to go back to visit. I want to hone my driving skills again.

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