Random Shots Around Japan

Wine casks

Samurai armour for the smallest, cutest samurai known to man

These dudes wore the armour


Nagoya at night
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1 Response Jan 15, 2013

Why is there no grass in the park where the kids are playing?

It's just one area of the park. Why the hell is someone who belongs to wife sharing groups asking this question? Get lost.

I liked your photos and asked a genuine question. Is there a rule that members of EP can only belong to certain groups?

Or are you always so unpleasant and rude?

I also belong to the Recovering Alcoholics group. Does that too disqualify me from commenting on your photos?

You gave no indication that you liked my photos with your first question. Am I supposed to read your mind? As far as I'm concerned, you leave yourself open to misinterpretation. Get that fixed, pronto.

Or you could just answer a politely-worded question without being offensive.

Just a thought, as it were.


The variety is what makes this a great site.

Gals who just want to get theirs are fine, as is everybody else.

Out of interest, which are you?

Out for theirs type or happy to share type?

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