Beaches And Waterfalls

I spent a week on Cheju-do learning how to Australian repel. That is when you repel down a rock face, walking down face first. I remember looking at the ocean from  the cliffs and seeing women in the ocean who were diving for oysters or something like that. They can hold their breath underwater for a very long time. I got the opportunity to walk around much of the island and see the sights, meet interesting people and generally just soak in the culture. One night, me and a friend got a tent and camped on the beach. We drank Soju and got drunk. I was passed out on the beach when the tide came in and lapped at my feet, so I crawled back up to the tent and went back to sleep.

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1 Response Feb 11, 2010

wow this sounds like you had a great time! and certainly something I'd love to do - repelling down a rock walking face first. :D ~ cool! very cool!