Why Did It Take So Long...

There are many stories about Laguna Del Sol, but finding them scattered all over EP is a pain. So I started this group because I am VERY interested in going, and there is no EP Experience Group for people to consolidate their thoughts about this place - so here it is!

I've known about Laguna Del Sol for quite some time now through my own searches for clothing optional spots, CL adds, and other research. After my wife and I spent a week on a nude beach while on vacation, finding a clothing optional location we can enjoy together near our home has been a goal.

Laguna Del Sol is located in the town or Wilton, which is between Galt, CA and the larger city of Sacramento, CA. I never realized how close it really was though, or how popular a place it was, until it was featured on the local news!  It was nice to see local news covering something like this in such a positive light.

So, this paradise world that I thought was so far away was really, literally, in my backyard. I will be going there sometime this year, hopefully with my wife, and maybe, someday, get the kids to go as well. Would be great to know some people BEFORE we go, but it sounds like making new friends won't be a problem once we step through the gates since everyone seems so friendly, at least on the newscast!

Hopefully some others will post their experiences at Laguna Del Sol in this group and paint some mental pictures so we know a little more what to expect. Maybe we'll see you there someday!
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1 Response May 10, 2012

My wife and I have been going there since 2001 or so, it is a paradise in our very own back yard. Check out their web site if you haven't.<br />
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It is family friendly, there are several pools, hot tubs, lots of shade trees.. Tennis, Pickle Ball (Google it, this is new there and VERY popular), water volleyball, court volleyball, horseshoes, ping pong, shuffleboard, Archery are just some of the activities if you want to be active. <br />
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If you want to relax, there are lots of places to do just that. Call ahead, they will schedule a tour for you, very low pressure. Once you and your wife are on your own, just say "hi" to some others and you will find yourself with new friends right away. You will be welcomed by many folks that will see that you are new... they know you are because a good many folks make this their"home" and can spot newbies right away.... that is a good thing.<br />
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I will say, single male's will find that others appear a bit less out going towards them, but in time, if the single male makes polite conversation, etc, they will feel most welcome too... <br />
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At night they have dancing in the night club, which has a full bar, if you and your wife like a little nightlife, this is a great place, good music, not too loud, and good prices on drinks.<br />
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I have Google Alert sent for Laguna del Sol, that is how I came across your post, have no idea what this site is about, but thought I would share some info with you.<br />
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I can be found in the water volleyball pool when I am there.

My wife and I went with friends the first time who had been there before, we did not think we would like it, we were not nudist, or so we thought! The place is just so nice and fun, we fell in love with it and for the first few years said we still were not nudist, we just loved the place and if we had to be nude there, albeit.