Old Pen Pal

I was on the Flag Ship for the Commander of the Middle East Forces (USS LaSalle AGF-3...now sunk after decommissioning) in 1978 & 79 when we went to Mauritius. I had a pen pal who lived there (C.O. didn't believe me). Out of our 8 days there, I spent 6 days with her and her family. Took her and one of her friends to the ship to meet our C.O. and give them a tour. Skipper was surprised! I really enjoyed my time there. So, if anyone runs in to Marie Powotan, tell her Ed said HEY! She lived in Rose Hill back then.
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I hope you liked your visit. My grandma was born there. I have been there as a child and once much later on.
I will mention Marie to my cousins as the name may be familiar to them.