Scariest Bathroom Ever!

I went on a cruise two summers ago with my best friend. We stopped one day at Cozumel Mexico to tourist it up. Well we got drunk. We then went snorkeling where I proceeded to slice my leg open on a rock. Salt water stings! So she and I left the group and ask one of our guides to show us to a restroom. He takes us like five blocks down from where we were and the whole time I'm thinking "stay in lighted areas no one will help you because you're american". We get to the "restroom" which is a big open room with ten toilets no stalls with what I hope was mud (I tell myself it was at least I was too drunk to know the difference). We squat over the toilets because there was no way in hell either one of us would let that tainted porceline touch any body part and ran back to the group. I was so afraid that some kind of horrible flesh eating bacteria was going to infect my cut leg. So scary.
peacelovinghippiegirl peacelovinghippiegirl
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ROFLOL! Yeah, I been in a few Wal-Mart stalls like that, in America!!