Brent Alan Thies Jr

i remember it well...
no parent should have to bury their child.

Brent was 18 when he got into a car accident.
He was killed on impact.
his cousin was driving, and he was in the hospital for a week.

no they weren't drunk.
no they weren't high.
these kids were too good for drugs.
they just made a bad decision.


never in my life have i seen a grow man cry.
Brent's older brother was laying on the ground with his arm outstreched to his little brothers coffin.
This was the saddest funeral i have ever been to.

Around threeish
Me ::Hey b carefull [plzz]?
Brent ::u no i will.
Me ::otay well i'm gonna go to the {movies} l8r wit meh bro.
Brent ::wut movie??
Me ::Rush hour 3
Brent ::oh sweet.
Brent ::well he's here. so ttyl.
Me ::Alritee.

four hours later.
{{at the movies}}

[Ring RIng!!]

Me:: dammit im playing a game!
Bro:: well juss answer it, i'll rematch u later.

Me:: Helloz?
Friend:: Hey. um did you hear??
Me:: huh?
Friend:: a guy died today. in a car accident.
Me:: ok?
Friend:: Does u no who it was?
Me:: No...
Friend:: ok byes.

Bro:: time fer the movie!
we went in to the movie

hour n a half later my cousin called me.

Her:: Kitty??
me:: wut?
Her:: Brent is dead.
Me:: cuse me?
Her:: he got into a car accident.

i called my sister n told her to come get me.
she tried to say no.

the next week was unbearible.
between dealing with his death, drivers training and people who were constantly checking up on me.

I didnt wanna drive anymore
but i knew i had to.

i overdosed the nite before his funeral.
i was so sick the next day.
i was constantly throwing up acid.

I still miss him...

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4 Responses Feb 22, 2009

me too. it was awful what she went through. before she died she only weighed 75lbs. i was there the day she died, well the day her mom pulled the plug.

yeah it sucks. my best friend died last august from lupus. she was gona be my maid of honor in my wedding this june. the pain never goes away but it gets easier to deal with over time.

I'm sorry for your loss. The pain is the worst ever! All the best,<br />

Grief is the worst emotion......please know you WILL see him again.....I have had a death experience and my closest were there for me.....regardless of religion