Her Name Was Jennifer Milmine

I met her when I stayed in a home for troubled & suicidal girls. I was 17. I was only there about 2 months but I made two amazing friends during that time.

Jenn ended up at the same alternative school as me that September. We became even better friends & shared lunches, hung out, she was great for propping me up without me even knowing it. :) I miss her terribly.

She contracted Meningitis & died on Thanksgiving (Canadian) October 9Th, 1989. I went to her funeral & tried to visit her grave every year (til my agoraphobia got too bad). Before I moved here, Shane & I went to say goodbye. He knew how badly I wanted to go, but was terrified to go on my own, so he came with me.

We couldn't find her though. The cemetery had been changed landscape wise & I just couldn't remember. I knew the area she was suppose to be. We looked for over an hour, I was crying because I didn't want to leave without saying a final goodbye....

Shane called out to me because I thought he found it. I followed his call, & literally stumbled over her grave...Shane hadn't called me. He was further away. I think she knew how upset I was, & she gave me a bit of help. I truly believe in was Jenn who called my name. I thanked her for that & spent almost another hour catching her up on my life. I could have used her these last few months because it's been rough..... But she is & will always be one of my bestest friends.........& I hope my guardian angel.

I love you Jenn....I miss you

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Mar 8, 2009