I Lived There

that's where I live with my dad..on the "windward" side....I loved the commercial part of it though...the mall there is very nice...there is a definite Japanese influence but you can find anything there if you look hard enough...the beaches are clean unlike Los Angeles...it's kind of like a different country.you don't feel like you're part of the US necessarily...

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Wow, I located my birth mother but not father as he didn't know I existed. I visited Oahu in '76 with an American family and it was an am,azing unspoilt place then. Was great that the beach was so close to the rainforest!

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I was stationed there in the marines 81-84. Went on a 10 day cruise there several years ago. Thought my family was going to move there some time back and I was there for 3 weeks... then I lived there for 3 months a few years ago.... Hawaii is an awesome place indeed although very expensive to live there. I love it and hope to visit there again some day. So many things to do and see. <br />
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Aloha, Mel