Kadena Air Base 66-69

My father was stationed at Kadena Air Force Base. We got there while I was in 2nd grade and left when I was in 4th. The adventures I had. Playing and riding our bikes around unspent ammo and undetonated exploding devices. My dad actually had a house built for us off-base. We did finally make it to the top of the on-base housing list. The adventures on-base were as exciting but completely romantic for a prepubescent child. Great friends and access to the skating rink, movie theater, rec hall, football teams. I often think of the friends I made there I can name them!

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oops, I'm sorry, I know you were there only for 2nd - 4th grade so you wouldn't know about Kubasaki!

Did you go to high school there? Kubasaki?<br />
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My father worked for the civil engineers. He did not have a degree in architecture (degree in math) so I think he was a specialist or technician. For the longest time, I used to think he was an architect. He always brought me to the office. I loved looking at the blue prints and sitting at the drafting tables. <br />
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Remember the Christmas decorations? Every year they were the same but I enjoyed making the rounds. They were mechanical and fun!<br />
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Remember the water shortages? Fill up a bucket of water to flush the toilets! <br />
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Remember the typhoons? Time to go surfing!<br />
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Yup, those were wonderful times as a child. Not so fun as a teen, I think.