You Must Expereince Portugal

 From the rich wines of Porto to the lovely port of Lisbon, the beach of Nazare to the churches of Batalha, the aucharistic miracle in Santarem and the pilgrimage place of our Lady Fatima, Portugal like spain must never be missed by travellers.

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no it's not like spain stop insulting

I'm really sorry this post is so old :( I would like to talk a little with you.<br />
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Thanks marji! I am familar with the others LOL etc but it was the first time I encountered MIL :)))))<br />
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I have not been yet to Miranda do Douro. Most of the places I have visited I have posted above. Portugals goods and services are cheaper than that in spain or other european countries. I like the ambiance and the seaside area.<br />
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Colline, I just joined EP, what is MIL?<br />
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Yes I have been in Lourdes a couple of times and of course it is a most fulfilling experience. Had I the means right now I would like to go back since it is jubilee year.<br />
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I posted on Lourdes somewhere in this site.

i been to lisbon and i really liked it. also saw some of spain.i liked lisbon best.