Hard But Good.

i would say rehab was for me one of the most difficult and  most rewarding things I ever did. For once in my life I got truly honest with myself and had an honest look at myself. I didn't always like what I saw but I learned a lot about myself and even to like myself as they say "warts and all" I only wish I had learned some of the things I did a lot sooner in life it may have worked out different. I did long term (12 months) at the salvation army William Booth Institute in Sydney. I was a volunteer unlike many who were put there by the courts so some thought I was nuts. I would have to say it changed and probably saved my life. I learned so much about addiction and people there than I had my entire life. Like I said some of the things I experienced were probably common sense to "normal" people but were new to me and changed my life. How it works was explained to me simply as H=honesty. not only with others but yourself. Denial stands for Don't even no I am lying. O=openmindedness. Don't knock it till you have tried it. "there is a principle that will never fail to keep a man in everlasting ignorance. That principle is prejudice prior to investigation." W=willingness. if you are truly wanting to get well you ought to be willing to give almost anything a try. that is the HOW of it. Well I did and at times it was bloody hard. But I was determined. I was an addict of more than 20 years and recovered so it can be done. To all those thinkng about it, it Can work. If you WANT it to.

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1 Response Jan 30, 2008

Hey I'm about to go to Rehab, I hope I am doing the right thing!