21 Years Old...rehab Works

August 22, 2010. I overdoesed for the 6th time by injecting heroin. My stepfather found me in the bathroom, with the turnakit, needle in arm, spoon, and heroin sprawled through the bathroom. He had to give me CPR to wake me up. After waking up, I broke down, started screaming and crying, curled up in a ball, asking for help. No one knew I was a junkie. My mother and stepfather were unable to get me into a rehab until many days later. So they made me stay inside the house, and I was forced to withdraw with nothing to calm the symptoms. the day finally came, and they were able to get me into a place called Solutions Recovery Inc., in my home city Las Vegas. I was so overwhelmed driving to the place, knowing nothing of the rehab process. after all the paperwork and ***** searches, they brought me to the house for the 30-Day Treatment.

This rehab was like being on vacation. they force us into going to meetings, which was good. Like any other place I am sure, you wake up at a certain time, do things at a certain, etc, etc. In mine, it was mainly meetings, cigarette breaks, eating, gym, and yoga. A lot of therapy also, which was most important in my scenario. There were many days where I was tempted to leave, even went into my room and threw stuff and broke things. they said "if you want to leave, go. we wont stop you. its just a waste of you $15,000" -they obviously had a point.

I grew to love being in there. the people I met inside my house were amazing people, most of which are still in my life today. The rehab process is very overwhelming, confusing, and mentally straining. Knowing that you are in a place because you have a drug/drinking problem always used to make me cringe. thinking that I never belonged in a place like rehab. A lot of people go into rehab unwillingly for many reasons; such as court issues I am still in recovery to this day, and proud of it. Rehab helped give me life I never even knew I wanted, or was even possible to have. I am no longer an IV drug user, harsh drinker; a lethargic, discontent, alone, hungry, tired, selfish, resentful, guilty, shameful, horrible, pompeous, vindictive, scared, and confused guy. I don't just exist. I am actually alive. I don't think many people cant truely say that
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I had to kick in jail, and you can read about it in my story "I Was Raped Whilst I Was Asleep". During this time I was raped beat up and when I had finally kicked I spent the next two months of my life while waiting for my trial being made to **** and give head almost daily. Now I go to meetings almost daily, but I still **** and give head for money. I guess it is something that will never change in my life.

Thank you so much for sharing your story. It's very inspirational, and I think can truly help those out there that feel there is no hope.

I've been to rehab twice, and several detox centers....(because obviously I wasn't ready to stop using dope at that time).....

They can work. I don't shoot coke/heroine today because of rehab.