Flight Patterns

“I don't think you fully understand the public, my friend; in this country, when something is out of order, then the quickest way to get it fixed is the best way.”
― Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

I met some of the most fascinating people, during my stay in the hospital for rehabilitation. Caring, funny, brilliant people. I had the opportunity to interact with VIP's from every walk of life.

I heard God was there. He seemed to be very popular with most everyone. But I never ran into him. Not even once.
Lilt Lilt
8 Responses Aug 19, 2012

Well I was looking for you but you must have been taking a dump so I left. I as the guy that passed the OJ in the morning and if you can drop by the house I`ll introduce you to JC.

Most of us don't find God when we're standing up or standing tall. It's when we're unable to stand alone that we may discover Him.

The manidatory Friday night kareoke sounds dreadful.

Oh no, not forced at all! But he did sound a little sneaky. I was told he would find me, when I least expected it. O_O<br />
I cannot say that about Kareoke. It was mandatory on Friday nights.

Sorry you had to go through the **** storm.......did you at least run into Nurse Ratched?

No, hlpflwthat, I did not see Betty there either.

Betty Ford?

Funny, lots of the people in rehab have plenty of meetings with cops too.

Hmm okay bad analogy maybe ... Because on occasion cops do actually show up ... Cops 1 God 0

He is like a cop, in that he never seems to be around when you need him