I Thought She Loved Me

I was just released from rehab this past weekend. I have been there for 60 days all because of a girl I met and fell in love with.
I have done a line or two before but usually just to sober me up a little. Well, that all changed recently when I moved in with Lisa.
Lisa's brother deals and Lisa was always getting "a little bit". We were doing it all the time.
My parents noticed a major attitude change in me and I was avoiding them because I always looked drained and my nose was constantly running
I am close to my parents and not seeing them broke my heart. But Linda kept giving me lines, even during sex. My parents finally got me to come over and confronted me about using drugs. I broke down in tears crying for help. I dont want to be the girl that preaches about how evil cocaine is but for me, it is the devil.
So I'm out but under very loving and watchful eyes. THANKS MOM AND DAD I LOVE YOU BOTH
thighhighchick thighhighchick
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

Welcome back to EP and stay safe, my dear! I'm glad that your parents saved you from yourself and saw the signs......you're one lucky girl xxx