**** Addiction Rehab

Just before Christmas I exited a 3-week rehab program for **** addiction. You don't hear about this kind of thing too often but my mental state was really effed up, I think I started off worse than many of the drug dependent patients.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

It is all the same. Drugs, sex, booze. We are lost in the power of our addiction.

How are you doing now?

thanks for replying. I'm struggling... I need to work out what and who i am without the addiction. i dont even know. sometimes it seems hopeless, then i remember the people I've met at the 12-step groups. I can do this!

I am struggling too. I went to my meeting tonight, after a total relapse. I did not share my failure. But I knew I was in the right place, with people just like me. People who are trying to save their lives.
Addiction is fatal. I believe that.

it is fatal, or it can get us into very very serious trouble. Sex addiction is an escalating game, it has started to weasel it's way into my real life, offline.. that is when i started to realise i have to be rid of it!