A friend and I visited Scotland about four years ago and we had a great time.We went right before Thanksgiving so it was very windy and cold,my kind of weather.We shopped,visited a few castles and also visited Edinburgh.It has a lot of history and is very charmimg with all of the historical buildings.

I think it's sad that our country hasn't kept the historical places like the countries have that I visited in Europe.

We also attended a Scottish dinner with Scottish music,complete with bagpipes.That was really fun.Although,we didn't eat the haggis as they tried to get us to.The music was beautiful.

It was a trip with a lot of memories as all of my trips to Europe are and one I will always cherish.

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No,I didn't do that tour but I did a Globus tour.<br />
Yes...the people was very nice and pleasant.I really liked the highlanders personalities...they were a lot of fun.I probably would go back again but have too many other places I want to see also.

Did you by any chance do a Contiki tour as well?! One thing I took from Scotland was how nice and humerous the people there are. Would go back in a heart beat.