Stuff It Up Your Jumper

I'v been in solitary confinement for two days. Did you people know that there is a world outside?. No I'm not joking. I saw trees . ponds . birds. dogs doing it and cats not doing it. I feel alive. I still atract a croud when I go out. I missed that too. Oh well Just thought I'd let you good folf know that it does exist. So be nice to people. No matter what. it is becoming like real life. I just need to prsctice my fake smile and my fake laugh. I have been practising a lot. My face is so saw. And to the people that sent me there. Stick a potato peeler in your eye. SMILEING.

essendon essendon
46-50, M
5 Responses Mar 3, 2010

NO, your right.

Cool. Nice of you to come and say that. Your one in a million.


Two days. Then 5 days. ?. What's next?. It seems that it is only certain people on here. They let you know they have the power to . Just before they kick you off they say right . Now you are going ti get it. Funny I don't have that power??. I wonder why?

Glad you went , saw and enjoyed<br />
Glad you're back<br />
now try to Behave. : )