We were in France and driving along the highway, trying to see the Mediterranean from Carcassonne, and decided to just drive the extra 45 minutes or so to the Spanish border.  I was amazed at how the architecture changed so dramatically upon our entrance.  It was beautiful, and more accessible than France, and although we only stayed for a half-day, it was so memorable and I'd love to return.  We quite accidentally stumbled upon the Salvador Dali Museum, which was (get ready...) surreal, of course!  It was so strange to see that building peeking out from among the dozens of traditional Spanish buildings---like some melted pile of toys on top of cake, it stood, pristine and shameless among the more drab and conventional ordinary dwellings. 
The food was very good and memorable.  I was left with a real yen to go back and this time, stay a while.
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Oh, really?<br />
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Im from Spain and I still haven't visited Museu DalĂ­ in Figueres...<br />
I'm looking forward to visiting it though...