Single, Childless Relatives...

...are the best.

I have an aunt that was single and childless up until I was 21 years old. She actually met someone at the same time I met my husband, and they got married seven months after we did. He has a grown son that she claims. But I digress. When I was 20, she was both single and childless, and fairly well off.

She lived in Dallas at the time, and a friend and I had made plans to go spend a week with her. She calls me one morning. Wakes me up, and asks me about the trip. When I tell her the date, she gets kind of evasive. She finally goes into a story about how I know she's always wanted to go to Switzerland, and she loves the snow, blah, blah, blah. I'm trying to wake up. She goes on and finally says she will be gone, and I've asked off work, and she's sorry, but that's when she's going. Don't I want to know about the wonderful friend she's taking with her?

So now I'm getting crabby. I haven't had my coffee, I don't really want to be awake. My vacation is ruined, and she's gushing about this trip to Europe.

I almost missed it when she said that I was the one she was taking.

We had a blast. We stayed in Interlaken, and went up to this little town on the side of the mounain called Beatenburg (That almost has to be spelled wrong, but I'm too lazy to look it up.) We went to Bern to the art gallery. It was so much fun.

We went with a group, but it wasn't a guided tour, so we got to really be on our own the whole time. I absolutely plan on going back someday. It's such a beautiful country.

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3 Responses Apr 11, 2008

Yes, she is great.

I'm sure they will. You get along with your MIL? That's rare :-)

Awesome memory. We just took our nieces and my MIL on a trip. Not so much one on one time but still, I hope they remember it as fondly as you do. We did have a good time with the MIL though.