School Trip... O__o

We went on a school trip to Switzerland last year (it was ONLY for my year- yay!) It was a lot of fun. No skiing though, or going up to the very TOP of the mountains. We did go to a Castle, a Chocolate Factory, a Water World, and many other places.

I loved everything but a few things:

  • The food- it wasn't food! Breakfast: Bread, Lunch: Bread and Cheese, Dinner: Wormy Looking Pasta () That was what we ate for 5 WHOLE DAYS. Eventually I just saved my money up, and bought food at the local shops, I got so fed up. I got told off for eating M&M's for my breakfast once... or twice...
  • The Bus-After 3 days, if I even got ON the bus, for maybe 5 minutes, I felt sick. I took tablets, ginger (its meant to help- but it didn't) and even sickness BANDS, to try to stop it. But it didn't. I think it was maybe the smell of EVERYONE crammed onto a bus...
  • Traveling around Switzerland- It took 3 hours to get DOWN the mountain from the hotel. Then 5 more hours to get to the destination!!!
  • Traveling to and from the UK- We had to spend over 24 hours on the bus. It was horrible. I couldn't sleep, you weren't allowed to EAT on the bus, and the toilet didn't work  because it got blocked up.
  • Sleeping- Like I said above, you couldn't sleep. I woke up at 5am, everyone but my best friend was asleep. She was at the front of the bus, drinking water while I was right at the back (where the sick bowl was- BLARG). I waved at her, and sat back down. When I woke up again, I had slid down the chair, my knees where tucked up against the chair in front, my elbow was stiffly pushed against the window, and I couldn't get back up. It was horrible.

Ever since Switzerland I have hated going on buses to travel long distances!!! 

What I liked about Switzerland:

  • Chocolate.
  • Cheese.
  • The awesome GIANT park! 
  • The maze inside the park.
  • The Talent Show we held on the last day (It was funny.)

The talent show was really good. A lot of humor from the different performances, like:

The McDonald's Farm with the hammer: "BANG- at the duck is gone!" 

Our performance: "Britain's Got No Talent" Including hippy dances, Bad foreign singing, tap dancing+yodeling, the 'penny test', and myself one hand clapping (I'm double jointed and love freaking people out).

There were 2 more.. I think one was another group, who just played a song, and made the audience join in, with ONE dancer out of the 15 people in that group.. and the last group was my other friends group who had a rapper, with someone making weird sounds- then it switched to my awesome friend who is amazing at singing, who sang by herself, no music, and 'wowed the crowd'.

The rapping was funny mostly because it was terrible. Everyone stood up and pretended to join in... (LOL)

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you went to a bad hotel then, i usually eat very well in switzerland, i live there