I love history and so does my dad. Since most of my family lives in and around that area, my dad has made sure to show me things like the Alamo. Thefirst time Iwent, I was seven. I've been back many times since then, and I don't think I'll ever tire of the Alamo.
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I have been to the Alamo too,i stayed there for hours just reading all the cards that describe the pictures there.So fascinating.I love history too.

*High five!*

I have talked to friends that have been. Asked how long they were there, some said half an hour. You canr see it in 1/2 an hour, can walk thru it but thats all. So much history and so many stories.

Exactly! I say ppl outta stand there w/ their eyes closed, cause when I have, I swear sometimes I've heard sounds from another time.

There should be a plaque that says to do just that.

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