Smoke And Mirrors

The mass media has leaked a little about how things are progressing in the Gulf clean up and just as been indicated by some of the eyewitness accounts, the clean up looks good only when the important people show up.
I've been on a boat in the Gulf assisting with crude oil spillage transport but we've been chasing our tails as there isn't any oil on the surface of the water.
With all the dispersant's being sprayed at night by planes, the oil never sees the light of day. Corexit and 7 other chemicals make up the cocktail being dumped at the sight keeping all the crude under water.
The EPA, Coast Guard and OSHA should all be ashamed of the manner in which they've conducted themselves in allowing all that crap to be dumped in the water. It's now being picked up in the evaporation / rain cycle and being deposited on land ,crops,water reservoirs and people when it rains.The safe exposure limits for corexit is so minute that the EPA doesn't bother posting exposure limits.  Europe doesn't allow that toxin to even be used in European water if there's a spill.
 As a merchant seaman, I've never seen any company dictate to the Coast Guard what to do in an oil spill situation. Just who is running the show here? Obviously B.P. is. Media Black-outs, mercenary patrolled beaches. Telling clean up workers they can't wear respirators unless they been trained properly by B.P. that's just plain non sense. It takes all of ten minutes to show anyone how to wear one of those masks and so what if they aren't trained by B.P. it's better than not wearing a mask at all while working in the clean up effort. Telling the people who are receiving money from B.P. that they have to work in the clean up effort or they won't receive their money for their losses, is another example of extortion.
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There is plenty of info on the net. I guess unless you hear it from an average Joe, it doesn't seem true. You're welcome Darius. I hope you checked out the links with the story.

I will take no chances. Thanks for stopping by UT

Thanks but I'm no hero in that regard, I work for a company that was contracted by B.P. to be there. Like I indicate there was very little to clean up, and we were sent out looking for spillage, but never found any..<br />
Thanks for your comment

I wish i was able to get down there to help but you are a hero and thankyou for doing so much its so sad and fear the results in the long term