Unenthused and Unimpressed.

So, I have just finished my month long evaluation at the Mayo in MN. 3 words- I. Am. Pissed. I have never met a more insulting, morally high handed and overbearing group of people so unwilling to find an answer.


I am most unimpressed with the gyn department. The first doctor I met with was nice, she agreed that a hysterectomy was probably in my best interest and that  she would do an endometral biopsy just to be sure that I didn't have a rare form of endometrial cancer. I really appreciated her mindset.  The gyn surgeon was an *** of epic proportions. First thing he said was (perhaps jokingly, perhaps not) that I should get pregnant. He kept repeating "this is permanent" and "this may not solve your pain". While I appreciate that he says that, I don't deserve to have it be told to me 15 times in a 45 minute consult. I am 23, I have been told by multiple gynecologists that I would have this surgery since I was 18. 5 years of research, college biology and education have taught me 3 things- NO S#!$ is it permanent! You are removing an ORGAN! You cant put it back in! 2- pregnancy has a lower success rate than hysterectomy and he has no right and no knowledge of my socioeconomic status. I cant raise a child right now, I am not mentally or financially stable enough to support myself much less a child! I have been told that I cant even bear children and my fiancee a.) doesn't want kids and b.) just had a vasectomy. 3- Yeah I may still have pain, but I wont have a 77 day period! I wont have ovarian cysts that cripple my life.  He said that if he did the surgery he wouldn't take my ovaries. Stupid ***! That is the whole reason why I need one! He said that my endometriosis and ovarian cysts don't cause my pain and that I have no reason to take my ovaries out. This one guy who has seen me for less than 30 minutes has just said that everything every gyno I have ever seen was wrong. Every ultrasound, my lap surgery and my own experience for the last 12 years was wrong in this one MAN's opinion. So he said that I have pelvic floor tension myalgia and all I need is physical therapy.

The gastroenterologist was equally and idiot. She looks at me for 2 minutes and says "it is classic abdominal wall pain" mmmkay. 1st question, abdomen is down, chest is up. Repeat- abdomen down, chest up. 2 if it is so darn "classic" how come 17 other doctors missed it? So then she goes on "all you need is an injection and it will clear right up" so I ask "what is in this injection?" "Oh the recipe must have changed by now." ummm "recipe"?! So I look it up, it is a combination of nerve paralyzer, corticosteroids and an anesthetic. I dont think anyone is getting to stab me in the stomach with a poisoned needle thank you very much!

Every doctor has either been rude, late, or has said something is wrong with my mental state. No one has given me much credit for my own body. I had an "attack" right in front of them that sent me to the mayo ER and they still had no idea and didnt really seem to  care. My internest even suggested that I have Borderline Personality disorder and sent me to see the psychiatry department! I'm sorry, that is a really serious diagnoses and she is making it on a whim and putting it in my file! Making that diagnoses is meaning that I would never be taken seriously again by any doctor- "well the Mayo thinks she is crazy, must be true!" I am so pissed off it isnt even funny. I hope everyone else has had a better experience, as for myself, after I finish the pain clinic and physical therapy (the two departments that have actually been polite and helpful) I am done with them. **** them all.

kalistasadi kalistasadi
22-25, F
Mar 11, 2009