My gorgeous dog is getting better!

10pm, 19th November.

Just returned from the vets. My darling gorgeous dog has had a stroke.

They wanted to keep him there in a small crate all night .. no way!

He would be terrified with all the strange smells, animals crying etc

He is calm now on his comfy bed and  I will stay with him all night

He has been given a steroid injection and tablets for next ten days,  vet says all depends how the next 72 hrs go

UPDATE 5.30am

He is no better, he can't move,  he is incontinent and he has lost his voice

UPDATE 24th November

He is MUCH better!

He looks alert,  is gobbling down his food (albeit a bit one sided and it flys everywhere!).

He is now able to hold his head up and for the first time today he wagged his tail!

He can't walk unaided but he can take a couple of steps if supported by his harness.



My darling dog played football today!!!

AND I have found out how old he is ... he is 17yrs!!!!!!

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Thank you Myo .. when I remember his last day I have tears in my eyes but they are of happiness because it really was a wonderful day. When we drove back from the pastie snack at lake he put his head against the back of the seat and really enjoyed the rushing cold air from the open window.<br />
I thank God it ended like that and I did not have to rush a distressed dog to the vets with a fit or another stoke.

You gave him a beautiful life. I'm so, so sorry you lost him, but you gave him a gift when you allowed him to go quietly in a peaceful place with people who loved him.

My gorgeous dog was put to sleep last Thursday 5th May. He collapsed on the Monday whilst walking on the moor but eventually recovered enough to walk unsteadily back to the car. The next day he walked a little and then on the Wednesday night he had two more mini strokes when he couldnt stand for some time.<br />
I called the vet to come over after her clinic on the Thursday. I took my dog to the wood and the moor and he walked a little. We went to the lake and ate pastie whilst watching the swans and ducks. <br />
At 5.30pm he had his dinner with chicken and two chews ( he is only allowed one ) which he loves.<br />
Then we sat in the garden, it was a lovely sunny day. The vet, a wonderfully kind woman he knows and loves, came and sat with us. She stroked and talked to my gorgeous dog and then injected him. It was all over in less than one minute. I held him untill his body was cold and then buried him in the garden. <br />
I guess he could have lived a few days more but he was stone deaf, increasingly wobbly, having more mini stokes and I was anxious that he should not have a full blown stroke like he did in November 2009 . He recovered well from that but had to be syringe fed for days and he was now nearly 20 years old and unlikey to recover as well again.<br />
I adored my old dog and have canvas photos of him all around the place .. he will never be forgotten :)

My gorgeous dog is now 19 and he would go out for walks all day if I gave in to him.. he always has 4/5.<br />
<br />
He is very deaf but waks and runs just fine.

I wish to God I was Lady of the Manor and could just ring the bell ...

An animal lover's work is never done.....

I have kittens squawling for attention outside the window and a daft old dog looking at me wondering if I am going to take him out for the billlionth time today ..<br />
I want to watch my film ..

Well, a promise is a promise! Put down that box of chocolates and get your long johns and wellies on.

Oh, but the palava of getting dressed etc , it's FAR nicer slobbing out on sofa watching a good movie and eating chocs..

No problem with walks in the freezing temps then!<br />
<br />
You have a nice warm coat, right?

Only his own, he has very thick coat and gets very hot indoors

Does he have a nice doggy coat?

'Apparently' I promised to take him for walks whenever he wished if he would just get better .. and now I am having to do just that ..hmm , it's freezing out!

Glad to hear the good news, Tassie. You're a good doggy nurse!

That's great :)

YEP! He is doing brill! Still a bit wonky, head to one side and falls over when he ***** his leg. But when I think back to how he was, it's just amazing. The vet said it will take weeks/months so I feel very confident he will get almost completely better ;)

Great news! He's a survivor!

He is NOT hungry Wilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Yes, he is doing sooo well. His head is on one side and he falls over a bit but he is full of life and so happy.<br />
Only thing is that he seems to have developed a HUGE appetite. I know that can be a syndrome thing with brain damage I just hope its temporary ..

Football! wow....that's soooo wonderful!! I'm smiling for both of you. :D

"Wagged his tail" 'tis a good sign :)

Oh, I will think of you and her on Friday Spring.<br />
If only we could talk to them but I am sure my wonderful dog understands everything I say .. ish!

Great news! :)

Thank yous ;)<br />
<br />
I will find out how old he is Candy

Great news! Thanks for keeping us updated, Tas!

The best news all daY !! Happy very for u ,him and family! :--)) Tasmin how old is he?

;) <br />
<br />
Thank you. I know he wont live forever but I don't think it's his time yet. He looks younger!

Great update news! I'm happy for both of you! :D

Hooray....<br />
<br />
This made my smile...

Hi Tek, Thanks for the love it is helping him lots.Another difficult night as I just hadn't got my act together. But I went out today and bought bags of large nappies, a bath, new bed, lots of plastic covers, blankets and a wonderful new harness which takes the strain off my back.His back legs seem much better than his front. If I support him with front harness he can stand, his front legs just go all over the place.I am going to get some sleep now as he is settled at the moment. xxx

Sending you and your doggie some love. They are like long distance band aids. I know even though he feels rotten right now that he's loving all the attention from you. : ) I'm glad he's doing better! Try to rest a little even if you have trouble sleeping. But I know how that is, it's tough but at least resting will help! Hugs!

I need to get a pool to wash him in for sure.<br />
Just ordered large dog diapers.<br />
Crazy how one minute all is fine and then all is so very far from fine. <br />
The cat is the only one sleeping seemingly without a care in the world!

So happy that he is improving. The pool idea sounds great...definetely worth a shot :)

Thank you Candy :)

Glad he is better :) great news!

Thank you all. He has just been soaking wet again. He can't even wriggle off his bed :(<br />
I have just ordered a very large childrens paddling pool. Encouraged by youtube videas of therapy, I am planning to put it in the garage with warm water to stimulate his legs : )

Tasmin, I'm so glad there's some improvement...especially that he's now eating and drinking. :)

Thank you destry ;)womanbliss, I am sorry you are going through something similar. It is heartbreaking when your dog is poorly and not being able to communicate with them properly.<br />
My dog was just crying because his bed was soaking wet, I've washed and changed everything but running out of bedding fast!! (have plastic sheets)<br />
Watching youtube videos on dog therapy. Apparently swimming is the very best as the water promotes a new neural pathway to develop, or something.<br />
Now looking at swimming pools , childrens plastic ones.<br />
If only it was summer, it has rained non stop here for days.

{hugs} tasmin ... I have two dogs ... one of them is quite sickly ... I know what you're going through ... hope it all turns out for the best ...

Thank you. He has panting episodes that worry me but he is certainly better in that he is eating and drinking and his eyes are steady. He cannot stand but am doing doing light massage on his limbs and hope he will get the use back eventually.

I am keeping good thoughts that your sweet dog is starting to heal, Tasmin. I am happy that it sounds like he is improving. :)

Keeping my fingers crossed. Give him a hug from me.

Oooh I DO hope so xxxxxx

The rain falling on the roof is probably a very soothing sound to him...<br />
<br />
Sounds like he is on the mend.

Another scary night where he was panting ++ and making constant squeaky noises (he seems to have lost his voice) . If a vet had come out last night and suggested he was put to sleep I think I would have tearfully agreed. But today he is BETTER!<br />
He still cant stand but he is eating and drinking and stopped panting and whining.<br />
I wanted to lie him in garden on his bed but it is pouring with rain, hopefully tomorrow.

Thank you Lilly. I went to get the newspapers this morning and went to grab his lead as I always take him.. then I remembered :(<br />
<br />
In the afternoon I usually talke him to the forest ;(<br />
<br />
I never valued those things as much as I do now

After a scary night where he was panting frantically and I was trying to give him water by syringe he has just eaten some mashed liver. He is still unable to stand but is lifting his head up a little. I am feeling optimistic. I know it doesn't sound much but I have been Googling lots and with patience and good nursing care the prognosis seems fairly good.

I hope you are getting some rest too. ((hugs))

Thank you all. I have just tried to feed him some shredded tuna but he 'goes funny' even if his head is lifted a little. But have managed to get a mug of water in him by syringe. Vet said if I can get 4 mugs of water in him over 24hrs that will be enough for now.<br />
He is on his bed in the dark sleeping and does not seem distressed if not moved. Another puddle on the floor but to me thats good !

Tasmin sorry to hear about your dog's recent stroke. I hope he regains his strength soon.

Our pets are members of our family, I am so sorry Tasmin. I am praying for strength and comfort for both of you. {{{HUGS}}}<br />

Thank you Nyxie. He is not a pup anymore much as I wish he was. I didn't own him till he was around 8 yrs old.

Hi tas - I just saw this story now. I'm so sorry your poor pup is going through this! You are both in my thoughts, sweetie. (((tas)))

Thank you Candy . He is sleeping so that's good xxx

I'm here and I am holding you both so close to my heart! your pain and his heartbreaking... with you.his comfort is....... he is with you and always will be till tears fall..God give you strength in your hours of need I pray!

Thank you mellowdragon. I am hoping he willl pull through xx<br />
I have been waiting all day for my vet to ring but she is still in surgery. I cant get him to drink or eat and am giving water by syringe but don't know how much to aim for.

i agree with you,being at home with love and cuddles is best for dogs, i thought i was losing one of mine a few years ago,during heartworm treatment(was very poisonous meds back then),anyway he got a clot,could not even move,but it passed in prbably one of the longest hours of my life,and he lived to be fourteen,dogs are very strong,hope your one will be alright and fully understand how your feeling x

Thank you Nancy ;)

Oh, Tas...I am sorry. I wish your friend a speedy recovery and you some well deserved peace.

Thank you xx

I certainly hope your dog gets well. The title of your story broke my heart. I hope he is well very soon.

Thanks Faucon. I am waiting for my own vet to ring after she has finished operating.<br />
The on call vet last night did not check his ears (though he has gone deaf last couple months) or do neurological examination or take temp or anything. He just weighed him and gave him steroid injection and gave me steroid tablets to take home.

;) xx

Oh! I know! I feel the same way about my dog as I have with my littlest baby when she got her first cold ever. She's all stopped up and struggling...I want to take the pain away but can't. So I just sit keeping a vigil. When my dog came home from the vet, I didn't want to sleep even though she was snoring away. Yup. I feel you on that one.

Thank you Tek .. I am in a right fix here. Been up with him all night, mopped up carpet. Carried him onto lino area and put his bed there. Now sitting with him and hoping he will go back to sleep.<br />
It is horrible collecting them from vets .. the worst is not being able to explain and reassure them more

Oh! I hope he gets better soon and that it is not a stroke. Last December I had mine go into surgery for a cyst on her head. She came back actually relieved but I tried to hold back tears because she looked so awful stitched up with dried blood. I wanted to just hold her until forever...I do remember she got quite fat that season from too many treats. Boy did I pamper her! Hugs for you and your doggie!

Thank you TOS xx

Thank you xx

Thanks so much Owl and Candy.<br />
<br />
I have had all night to Google and ofcourse don't know for sure but it seems more likely to me xx

Tasmin,thank goodness wow! he's a beautiful guy! keep us posted on his full recovery! hug and lov ! keep you all in prayers! X *it is so hard to see ur loved ones suffer! i still hold my zig sweetie in my heart..she is always with me.. :)

I hope he has a speedy recovery, I know how much he means to you.

Hi June, me too <br />
<br />
No , all the others have been but this is just how he would have looked as a pup

Poor thing. I hope things turn out alright, tas. Love the avatar by the way, is it him?

Thank you RanaG xx

Yes, I think good chance will get better. But right now he is very confused unable to walk and seeing all in 3d<br />
<br />
Thanks TP I will stay with him all night and day .. not working thank goodness!

Haha never heard the term 'fur mum'<br />
<br />
Thank you xx

better pic tas! TY!!!!<br />
<br />
Good wishes sweets....

Er no, the Border Collie is a breed of herding dog that originated in Northumberland along the borders of Scotland and England, as well origins traced to Wales. Border Collies are generally highly intelligent in terms of memory and learning. These highly energetic dogs are often considered the world's best sheep herding dogs

Are border collies Australian??

He is a border collie HC <br />
<br />
Ah .. love the way you describe your whippet wildernessgirl you obviously love her very much.

Whips rock!

I have an elegant Whippet. She is beautiful, very soft and very, very gentle.

Not you tas! Your pic is small, but your dog looked like an Aussie to me! What do I know... I only have two...


He is gorgeous, and lucky to have a loving momma. I hope gets well soon!

Thank you xxxxxxxxxxx

Aww Tas. <br />
<br />
My puppies were my first kids. I know how horrible it feels to have one very ill. I'll add my prayers to the others. <br />
<br />

What kind of dog do you have wildernessgirl?

Lucky dog. Mine is right beside me as I write - there is a thunder storm brewing and she's petrified.<br />
<br />
Funny, I use to always associate your name with Tasmania too.

Hmm .. thanks for the love and thoughts HS.<br />
<br />
But who u calling an Aussie??