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My gorgeous dog is getting better!

10pm, 19th November.

Just returned from the vets. My darling gorgeous dog has had a stroke.

They wanted to keep him there in a small crate all night .. no way!

He would be terrified with all the strange smells, animals crying etc

He is calm now on his comfy bed and  I will stay with him all night

He has been given a steroid injection and tablets for next ten days,  vet says all depends how the next 72 hrs go

UPDATE 5.30am

He is no better, he can't move,  he is incontinent and he has lost his voice

UPDATE 24th November

He is MUCH better!

He looks alert,  is gobbling down his food (albeit a bit one sided and it flys everywhere!).

He is now able to hold his head up and for the first time today he wagged his tail!

He can't walk unaided but he can take a couple of steps if supported by his harness.



My darling dog played football today!!!

AND I have found out how old he is ... he is 17yrs!!!!!!

Orangetas Orangetas 51-55, F 108 Responses Nov 19, 2009

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Nice dog I hope he is doing well!!

Thank you Myo .. when I remember his last day I have tears in my eyes but they are of happiness because it really was a wonderful day. When we drove back from the pastie snack at lake he put his head against the back of the seat and really enjoyed the rushing cold air from the open window.<br />
I thank God it ended like that and I did not have to rush a distressed dog to the vets with a fit or another stoke.

You gave him a beautiful life. I'm so, so sorry you lost him, but you gave him a gift when you allowed him to go quietly in a peaceful place with people who loved him.

My gorgeous dog was put to sleep last Thursday 5th May. He collapsed on the Monday whilst walking on the moor but eventually recovered enough to walk unsteadily back to the car. The next day he walked a little and then on the Wednesday night he had two more mini strokes when he couldnt stand for some time.<br />
I called the vet to come over after her clinic on the Thursday. I took my dog to the wood and the moor and he walked a little. We went to the lake and ate pastie whilst watching the swans and ducks. <br />
At 5.30pm he had his dinner with chicken and two chews ( he is only allowed one ) which he loves.<br />
Then we sat in the garden, it was a lovely sunny day. The vet, a wonderfully kind woman he knows and loves, came and sat with us. She stroked and talked to my gorgeous dog and then injected him. It was all over in less than one minute. I held him untill his body was cold and then buried him in the garden. <br />
I guess he could have lived a few days more but he was stone deaf, increasingly wobbly, having more mini stokes and I was anxious that he should not have a full blown stroke like he did in November 2009 . He recovered well from that but had to be syringe fed for days and he was now nearly 20 years old and unlikey to recover as well again.<br />
I adored my old dog and have canvas photos of him all around the place .. he will never be forgotten :)

My gorgeous dog is now 19 and he would go out for walks all day if I gave in to him.. he always has 4/5.<br />
<br />
He is very deaf but waks and runs just fine.

I wish to God I was Lady of the Manor and could just ring the bell ...

An animal lover's work is never done.....

I have kittens squawling for attention outside the window and a daft old dog looking at me wondering if I am going to take him out for the billlionth time today ..<br />
I want to watch my film ..

Well, a promise is a promise! Put down that box of chocolates and get your long johns and wellies on.

Oh, but the palava of getting dressed etc , it's FAR nicer slobbing out on sofa watching a good movie and eating chocs..

No problem with walks in the freezing temps then!<br />
<br />
You have a nice warm coat, right?

Only his own, he has very thick coat and gets very hot indoors

Does he have a nice doggy coat?

'Apparently' I promised to take him for walks whenever he wished if he would just get better .. and now I am having to do just that ..hmm , it's freezing out!

Glad to hear the good news, Tassie. You're a good doggy nurse!

That's great :)

YEP! He is doing brill! Still a bit wonky, head to one side and falls over when he ***** his leg. But when I think back to how he was, it's just amazing. The vet said it will take weeks/months so I feel very confident he will get almost completely better ;)

Great news! He's a survivor!

He is NOT hungry Wilmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

Yes, he is doing sooo well. His head is on one side and he falls over a bit but he is full of life and so happy.<br />
Only thing is that he seems to have developed a HUGE appetite. I know that can be a syndrome thing with brain damage I just hope its temporary ..

Football! wow....that's soooo wonderful!! I'm smiling for both of you. :D

"Wagged his tail" 'tis a good sign :)

Oh, I will think of you and her on Friday Spring.<br />
If only we could talk to them but I am sure my wonderful dog understands everything I say .. ish!

Great news! :)

Thank yous ;)<br />
<br />
I will find out how old he is Candy

Great news! Thanks for keeping us updated, Tas!

The best news all daY !! Happy very for u ,him and family! :--)) Tasmin how old is he?

;) <br />
<br />
Thank you. I know he wont live forever but I don't think it's his time yet. He looks younger!

Great update news! I'm happy for both of you! :D

Hooray....<br />
<br />
This made my smile...