I'm Losing My Mind

When  I  was  13  I  started  therapy  My  favorie  Uncle  commited  suicide.  I  was  so  sad  and  I  was  happy  for  him.  His  suffering  was  over.  My  father  was  taken  form   me  my  mother  decided  to  divorce  my  dad.  My  mother  and  father  decided  that  there  were  two  children  My  mom  decided  my  brother  was  her  child  my  mom  decided  that  I  was    my  fathers  child  I  never  felt  so  alone  in  my  life.  My  pain  was  great  I  never  spoke  for  myself  I always  let people  hurt  me.  I  learned  to  confront  the people  who  were  hurting  me.  But  I  relized  one  thing  I  want  to live.  I  will  never  let   suffer  in  silence

rockybear397 rockybear397
46-50, F
1 Response Apr 7, 2008

I was so sorry for you.. I don't know how it feels coz mybe i dont have a perfect family but i can say an ideal one.. Face life strongly.. Right wat is wrong.. Dont ever look back.. Move on.. Forget the pass.. Ask God for his guidance, offer all your burdens to him.. i know he will listens.. Jus learn how to believe and more importantly leran how to FORGIVE.. Youll see eventually you will be heal and free.. God bless :)