Where I've Been.

I've been to California numerous times in my life. The first time I ever set foot on California land was when I visited some of my family out in Las Vegas. My aunt drove us all the way to the Nevada/California border, got off at the first exit ramp, stopped the car so my brother and I could set foot on California land then we drove back to Vegas.

Another time I just set foot in the LAX airport and hung out there for a good three hours before catching our plane to Sydney, Australia.

Then in college, I had a conference at the USC campus. We travelled along Hollywood, hit the beach, and Disneyland along with the conference activities.

Then last week. Last week was amazing being with him and him showing me his sites of california. I look forward to many more adventures of this sweet land.

Arizona, I can't say I've been to Arizona fully but I have been there. My grandfather took us to Hoover Dam, we crossed the bridge to hang out on the Arizona side. It is eventually my goal to travel to the Grand Canyon to see that majestic beauty of a land. My friends parents also have a home in Arizona. I'd love to take a trip down there with her sometime.

Nevada; when my grandparents retired, they moved to las Vegas. So, throughout my childhood, there were numerous times I flew out to Las Vegas. My grandparents had a pool in the backyard so I spent a lot of times swimming out there. But every time I visited las Vegas, it was a new adventure. My grandparents loved taking us to the awesome buffets throughout the city, and they knew ALL the best ones. They took me up the Mountains one time where we had a picnic together up there, they took me to Hoover Dam. One of my favorite memories of vegas was when my uncle took me to the REd Rocks, and we went rock climbing. I loved it!! Another favorite memory of mine was my 21st birthday. My grandparents took a nap during the night so they could take me out. At exactly midnight I was in the paris casino putting money into a slot machine and ordering my first legal drink of a strawberry daiquiri. I thought it was the sweetest thing for my grandparents to do that for me!!!

Colorado, when I was a child of about 9 years old. My father with my grandparents drove us out to Colorado. My grandma's brother lived out there. While we were there we went up to Pike's Peak. I remember how high it was and I was so petrified walking over that bridge, but I did it. I don't remember much else about that trip though :/

Nebraska; one of my best friends first job out of college was a news producer in Lincoln, Nebraska. So, one summer, our college friends all decided to road trip it for a weekend to see her. Sooo, a group of 10 of us piled in two vehicles and drove down to Nebraska to be with her for the weekend. WE HAD A BLAST just drinking, hanging out, laughing, and being with her.

I also, in college, had a conference in Omaha at Creighton University. So drove down there in a big van with a group of college students to be with other college students. It was a GREAT time.

South Dakota, This was another trip my father took us on as kids. We drove to the badlands, saw the corn palace, and saw Mount Rushmore. I want to go there again as an adult someday. I think I'd have more of an appreciation for it now. All the history of that area. I'll get there again.

Iowa; I've just always driven through Iowa, but I don't think I've spent anytime there. That will change. That will change indeed, won't it?? :)

Wisconsin, my mom's boyfriend grew up in Wisconsin so i have taken many trips to Wisconsin to a small town of Sparta, Wisconsin which is near LaCrosse. they live on a farm, so when I go there, it feels like a complete escape from the rest of the world. And I NEVER go hungry when i'm there. His parents are so gracious all the time. Sparta is the bicycle capitol of the world. But in college, I had friends in Milwaukee. My first road trip I ever took by myself was driving out to Milwaukee to pick two friends up to drive them back to Minnesota. That was a GREAT trip. A boyfriend and I drove out to Madison once to visit a friend out there. Had a great time at ahotel in Eau Claire, Wisconsin with a group of college friends. Attended a wedding in appleton, Wisconsin, and visited a college friends family in Racine, Wisconsin. I've seen Wisconsin in all its glory.

Illinois, in high school, my french class took a bus trip out to Chicago to visit the art musuem. We were studying french artistis and they had a great exhibit there. So we took a day trip to visit the art musuem. There were many times on my travels to Ohio that I drove through this lovely state of Illinois. But a few summers ago, when i was visiting a freind in Michigan, my ex and I stopped in Chicago for two days. We hit up a few of the musuems that were out there. And I realized how much I love planetariums when I was out there. Chicago is a beautiful city, but not a place I could ever see myself living in!

Missouri, in college, I had another conference to attend in Missouri. So we took a van trip out to Missouri together as a group. I still want to see the Arch at least one time in my life though =)

Louisiana, for my honeymoon, we flew out to New Orleans. Our cruise ship was leaving from there. I loved walking the French quarter. My honeymoon was 4 months before Hurricane Katrina hit, so when the hurricane hit, there were so many visions in my head of all the people we met while we were down in new orleans :/

Indiana, I drove through Indiana numerous times on my way to Ohio. When i was really young, my mom use to take the train out to Ohio to visit her family. We would always get off the train in Indianapolis while our grandpa drove there to pick us up.

Michigan, once a year, while one of my best friends worked out in Michigan, I would drive out there to visit her. She took us to Detroit, Ann Arbor, and a few other places within the state. Michigan reminded me a lot of home, but I ABSOLUTELY dislike Detroit!

Also, when I was about 12, my father took my brother and I to Mackinaw Island. I LOVED IT there. I hope to one day go back there to see that island again. It was so peaceful to me.

Ohio, I have many aunts and uncles that live out there. I've travelled to ohio numerous times, and a trip is about due out there again to see all my family again. My grandparents lived out there for awhile too hence why so much family stayed out there. I loved going out there because it was always the times when I felt all my family was finally together. I have a HUGE family. My mom has 8 brothers and sisters, so when we all get together, we have a blast, but those times are so few and far between.

Florida, I travelled to Florida twice in my life. Once when was 7 years old, my father with my grandma took us out to Orlando. My grandma was in a wheelchair, so it was awesome, we got to cut in all the lines because of that. Saw all of disneyworld and universal stuidios and other them parks.

then last year, as a last chance reconnection with my husband, we took a trip to Orlando ourselves. I had the whole trip planned out. Each day we travelled to a different theme park. To this day, I will say that Seaworld is my absolute favorite. I could spend hours watching the penguins. HOURS just watching them. I enjoyed that trip because it was the first trip I truly planned out for myself. He just went with the flow *imagine that*

Rhode Island, I flew out there to visit a friend. I saw a little bit of Providence while I was there, but spent the majority of my time in Warwick. I can officially say I've been to the smallest state in the US :)

West Virgiinia; I was just there!!! hey hey hey ;)

Virginia, flew into Dulles Airport when I went to Washington DC and the taxi driver drove me through. Eventually, one day, I would like to see Virginia Beach :)

North Carolina; you all know this story. But I did see Charlotte Area, and Fayetteville. I would love to see the mountains though.

South Carolina; I love this state. Truly. I love this state. Charleston, especially.

I have been to the Tennessee, Dallas/ft worth, New Jersey, and Salt Lake City, Utah airports :/ but I don't think I can really count those times as visiting those states.. lol

And I really have no desire to visit Texas. I just... really.... dislike that state ;)

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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

Sure you can count airports. I once drove across the bridge from Memphis TN into Arkansas just to be able to say I been there.

Yeah. I dont really count airports either. I need to eat a meal in the area before I say I have been there.

For me, eating a meal isn't enough... I have to either spend the night or see a sight or do an activity before I really consider that I've "visited" than state! Certain an airport layover does NOT count!
And what don't you like about Texas? It's quite a nice state!