A Trooper

If there was ever a lesson to be learnt this was it.

This was happened my first summer back from university. I moved back in with the parents over the break to work and save money. I returned to work at the coffee shop that I use to work at before I left for school, only this time I worked at a different location. Same employer, same coffee chain, different town but same manager.

The manager happened to be one of my old best buds, I even dated her brother for a period in time so naturally I got away with a lot more than I should have at work.

Quickly I made friends with the young folks that I worked with and we quickly got into a routine. Work from 6-2, get off and venture to the waterfalls to carry out some serious drinking along with splashing around in the water and generally we would end up at someone's house to conclude the night with more drinking. It really was a summer filled with parting and copious amounts of booze consumption.

This one time we did just the same. Work then the waterfall which then led us to Boston Pizza (a pasta/sports bar place). This night they had a special on for their drinks, 'fish bowls'. So the idea is that you order whatever drink you want and for some ridiculously cheap price they will bring it to you in one of those medium sized glass fish bowls. 'Excellent', we thought and instantly ordered a mini lake's worth. In addition to these bowls there was also this thing known as a 'Team pitcher'. Giant sized pitcher which should be enough to get a team boozed up nicely. Well... Between myself and one other fellow, we finished two of those plus I had two fish bowls, a cooler and some other thing that was tossed in front of me.

Somehow we stumble to the cars (designated drivers taking the keys). Drivers leading the way, we somehow managed to make it over to someone's house where shots continued. I think I downed five more shots and by this time it is 4am. We all work at 6.

Tail in between my legs I get a drive home only to be able to sleep for a half an hour before having to go into work.

The manager was the one who told me I should go out that night so she was expecting me to be a mess the next day. She did the only right thing to do once seeing my dragging butt.... She threw me in drive through. Turns out the rest of the possy called in sick.

My hell didn't end there though, I was still drunk and easily able to not mind what was happening. I also didn't have to talk to customers. The problem came when I was expected to leave work to help cater for a wedding. The hangover had full blown kicked in for wedding time. All I wanted to do while serving the food was run out back and lose my stomach. None of that happened and I managed to swallow my suffering enough to get through the day.

I think somewhere I swore that I would never drink like that again, especially if there was work in the morning. I'm pretty sure that was broken once or twice but it was never to the point where I was drunk going into work again. Normally the worst I have to deal with the the last leg of a hangover...
Linxer Linxer
31-35, F
Dec 12, 2010