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I enjoy writing. I can tell a tale, spin a yarn, paint a picture in which you can see what I want you to see. I can have you falling out of your chair in stitches, or make you think deep thoughts or bring tears to your eyes. I can describe a scene in a way that will put you there in that place, that moment in time.


I would love to write fiction professionally, and from time to time an idea for a scene, a paragraph, or a series of events (complete with colourful characters) will randomly pop into my head. I will think at the time that I really should do something with it this time, and occasionally I will actually remember it long enough to sit with my laptop and then ... well, then there's just nothing there to flesh it out and make a full, readable story out of it. Frequently these ideas will relate to each other in some way that I can't quite pull out of my head. As far as I can tell, I'm not lacking in writing talent or imagination but rather in the area of organization. Sometimes I will have two, three, or even four ideas that would mesh nicely together and go a long way towards producing at least a publishable short story, but then I will be distracted by my personal reality and it will end up forgotten, lonely and dust-covered; essentially useless in some dormant storage compartment in my cranial cavity. Periodically whatever synapses are in charge of such things will toss one of them back at me and say, “Hey dude ... when were you planning to do something with this? We've been holding it for awhile!” And of course it will bounce around for a bit, maybe grow and develop a little more ... then end up right back where it was, dust, cobwebs and all. I can't help wondering if there might be some way of repairing this problem. Perhaps there's someone out there who is fantastic at creating an outline, but not much of a wordsmith, or perhaps there is someone out there with some killer advice that would somehow help me to make sense of this ... how 'bout it, peeps?

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Thanks, SW for your comment. It's most encouraging. I recently just decided to start banging away at my keyboard to see what would come of it. What has come of it at this moment is 21 pages of Post-Apocalyptic character development ... and so far it's kinda fun! As you might have guessed from my original post, I'm not real big on outlines and lists, or planning ahead, so it'll be interesting (even for me) to see where the story goes.