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I didn't really think this meant "damn your good" at anything sexual lol I was just going to say that people have told me I'm pretty awesome at life because I've been so lucky? I was recruited to play lacrosse at a great school, the schools top leadership fraternity wanted me, and I have an awesome family and perfect girlfriend. I scored pretty well in my books :)
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1 Response Feb 18, 2012

Hmmm... So what are you good at now??<br />
<br />
-You can play A sport (means you have some alright strategy skills of a sort) <br />
-You have some book smarts (understanding what words mean are very important)<br />
-Finally a trophy girl (This really has no purpose, this is pure ego).<br />
<br />
So... What are you good at? In the end, what are you really going to do with all that? Things that come easy go easy, a life like this has this way of turning south on you REAL fast, I know. I have had ten's of thousands of dollars, even hundreds at points, and I have lost just as much. This all happens in a single wrong or right decision... just one. <br />
<br />
You may not get what I mean right now, your still in the party life, when real life hits, you'll get a better understanding.<br />
It's good you are doing well at what you are doing right now, keep it up, but this will not always be your life, you have to think about what you are really going to do with it all, otherwise it's all for not. Remember, our perception of time is that it moves in one direction, every minute you spend does not get returned, there is no refund for a mistake, it only takes a single mistake to change your whole world.<br />
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It's never a mistake to learn new things, ever... It is a mistake to think you have it all.