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 My fiance, what I'm good at.

:D Heeeheee.

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12 Responses Mar 2, 2009

We've *tooootally* done it quite a few times, actually... I couldn't give an exact number... *cough* And, yes. My cajones are HUGE.

hehehe<br />
.com PDA<br />
*aside* psst, dude.. they toootally did it<br />
^.^ hahaha

awwww cute!

Love you too hun. *Mwah!*

Love you, Skunkie. :D Mwah.


And why is this bad? LOL You squirming is a good thing, remember how much it turns me on?

I think you do it just to watch me squirm :P *pokes you*

lol While I like to talk about it, 'cause it gets US (not just me) attention. :D

Hey, it's not that I'm afraid to admit having sex.<br />
I blame my parents. for my unwillingness to talk about it<br />
Though it may the gay in me side saying, don't ask don't tell.

LOL I want everyone asking you that. Its positively adorable when you blush and freak out because, "OMG, they KNOW we HAD SEX!" LOL

*bl<x>inks*<br />
Hey now..I don't want everyone asking me that. This is your story.