I Love to Give Head

I was in an adult theater in Wichita Ks. that had booths with doors on them, and I was visited by this 20 somthing black guy about 5'9"  muscular and  with a nice bulge.  I open his fly and pulled out this thick 7 incher and proceeded to suck on his sweet ****.

 Now due to bad genes I had all my teeth out a few years earlier, so I could take a thick **** without scraping the sides as I had no teeth.  Needless to say after sucking on him for about 10 min , he said whoa! thats good but I want to *** in your ***, well being obliging I stood up turned around after I lubed my *** with some vasoline, I had in a tube, like the lip gloss.

Now some people think that you bend over to get ****** in the ***, wrong, you stand up and take it like a man, and guess what it goes in 10 times easier as your muscles are more  relaxed in the upright position. He slid in so easy for being so thick I was amazed and filled.

 He didn't last near long enough, but it was sweet to feel his *** scalding my guts. Man I wish he could have lasted longer.

 I cleaned of his **** after with a towlet then sucked him hard again and continued to suck him till he filled my mouth with the sweetest cream. Yes he said "Damn your good" after I swalloed his second load.

michael1950 michael1950
61-65, M
2 Responses Mar 5, 2009

i have been given head since i ws 10 love doing so an do damn good job

you should come and meet me ill let you suck my **** :) message me

need more information for that to happen.