You Are Too Fat To Wear Nice Clothes.

My own mother told me that when I was about 16years old. She was sick with depression at the time and had horrible mood swings.  She said alot of nasty things that she didn't really mean because she was sick.  Iv forgiven and forgotten most of it. 

This one is alot harder to shake because I can see the element of truth in it.  It IS harder to feel like you look nice when you are bigger.  It IS harder to find nice clothes that are flattering yet fun and flirty for going out.  But being bigger doesn't mean you can NEVER look nice.  Im quite sure I often look nice.

URgh.  I hate HATE how whenever Im having trouble figuring out what to wear - as happens alot this time of year with all the Christmas social gatherings - I hear that evil little comment in my head. I know it isn't true and yet... I can't help thinking if I was slimmer it would be easier to wear something pretty and to feel nice.


I guess the next step is getting off my butt, grabbing my carrot sticks and going to the gym but this story isn't about practical steps to solve my problems.  Only comments gushing how amazing and beautiful I am need be left please.

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10 Responses Dec 19, 2009

The gym? No way, man! If you really want to work out, start slower, at first, especially if you're unused to exercise. Try some low-impact stuff like walking through a mall. Then you get to window shop at the same time. :)

Otherwise, there are a lot of nice clothes nowadays for plus sized people that look flattering and bring out the beauty that's already there. You just have to know where to look and what kind of style you're going for.

As in, eat healthier food....

Wait. Carrot sticks?

Thanks Lawrence - you are a prince among men my friend.

You're amazing and beautiful. :)<br />
<br />
Everyone should know that they are.

:D xxx

You are beautiful.

Thank you :)<br />
<br />
Constant - I know I don't know what you look like - but you have a beautiful spirit to me Honey Bunch.<br />
And just by the way Shinigami- I don't ever get sick of hearing Im beautiful so if you want to say it more often then by all means... ;)

We all go through times when we feel self-concious. It's normal. Besides, you already know that I think your beautiful. Maybe I haven't told you often enough? XXX OOO XXX

You are amazing and beautiful. That's my thoughts before seeing your pics. Now I can see that physically its true too.