I lower other people's stress by doing nothing

Yes, I am a rather calm person. Just ask the thousands of mood rings I've tried...-.- that's all they ever say. CALM.

My art teacher once said she likes how I'm always calm. Since she teaches AP Art, she likes the fact that I'm calm because it lowers her stress level.

One of my friends has mirror-emotion synesthesia, and she says she feels calmer with me because of that.

It takes a lot to get me to not be calm. Even when I'm horribly upset, I don't show it a lot and I still seem kind of calm. I'm not one for putting all my emotions out there. I'm kind of hard to read, actually. I get that a lot too.

I'm glad that just by being around someone I can lower their stress level. That's always good. If only it worked with me as well.
chococat159 chococat159
Jan 13, 2013