Little Miss Cutie

Well, you see. I have been told I am a cutie and that guys will like me. So, one day I met this guy online and he told me that I was cute too and that he liked me(this is after a month or two). So then one day he is all "go on ur webcam". And I was like ok. So when I went on he never compliment on the way I look or anything and right when I left he said he had to go (i mean go of the webcam). Also this problem goes way back to when I had my firts serious crush. I had liked him for 4 years and then I found out that he didnt like me when I asked him to this gr7 dance. It broke my heart... pretty much every guy I like doesnt like me. Sure I am there bestie, but I want to be more, like a girl friend. So, at the moment I am talking to another guy that is my bestie and telling him that there are more fish in the sea. I did have a crush on him but me and my friend (thats a girl) decided to make a pact that we would never go out with him. Thats what I ahve been saying for years... but no mr. right guy has come yet, that can actually read the signs.
gigglemonster gigglemonster
13-15, F
Aug 10, 2010