Guys Lurve A Long And Deep Massage

I first learnt how to give a therapeutic back massage by accident after my second boyfriend complained of a bad back and asked me to massage his back for him.

Needless to say I was useless and needed to be shown how. As understanding as he was, he took the time to show me how he liked a massage, so that this could be my extra job to do for him when he needed it.

Yes I know many women will have something to say about that paragraph, but to be honest; from a guys point of view - it's nice to be asked & appreciated :)

During our time together I was given the opportunity to practice, for many, many hours it seemed; and perfect the lower lumber back pain relief he desired. Unfortunately by the time I perfected it, he decided his love interest lay elsewhere. Next door to be precise.

Anyways, I got the massage bug and as I played in football teams I always had an extra ear for the moans and groans from players as they arched their back showing pain in the changing rooms. It's never astounded me just how many guys enjoy a back massage when they need one, although they sometimes need to learn the meaning of the word therapeutic.

One thing thay all have in common, whether they're str8, gay or bi; is that they lurve a deep back massage right down from their shoulder blades to the base of their spines with the occasional love handles inbetween.

The only complaint I've often had, is that even this pleasurable past time must come to an end. Surely 30 minutes is enough guys, right?
DubreyWhatsit DubreyWhatsit
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1 Response Sep 9, 2012

lol. Very cute post. Enjoyed reading it, and we have a lot in common; although i learned because of my stepfather. He always has held stress horribly and has never been a stranger to back pains. It always seemed that i had a great knack for it. But i'm glad you found how great it can be to give people a massage. It can be pretty relaxing for both parties.