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Sound The Laughing Gas

I know when I laugh many of my friends smile or laugh with... though I think they're trying not to blush and be embarrassed by their freaky friend. =P Though no one has actually ever "complimented" my laugh before.

While my friend and I were walking to my friend’s house she randomly said that I have a pretty and contagious laugh: one laughs because I'm laughing. She loves the genuineness (don't know where she got that O.o) and how cute my face looks (course on the other hand I've also been told I look like a Chinese or Japanese cherry tomato - O.O). It was completely out of the blue. But apparently, according to her, people can't help but to smile and to start laughing or giggling when I laugh.

I'm not quite sure what she finds contagious or pretty about it because my laugh is forever changing from cackles to snorts to burst outs to silent vibrations... it's hardly attractive. Many people give me dirty looks when I laugh. =/ But I guess if my laugh makes at least one person laugh, it's worth it. =]
Floydess Floydess 18-21, F 4 Responses Dec 31, 2011

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Oye! That was 3 meters of measuring tape you broke! =O<br />
Hehe, and you plan to do that how? =P

*measuring tape stretches to it's limit and breaks*<br />
I'll have to listen to it to believe that

*takes a tape measure and measures the distance from your left ear to your right ear* =D Lol, "completely rubbish like this one"??? =P It's not even close to attractive. =P

I know I'm ear to ear when I'm reading something by you.. Even if it is something completely rubbish like this one.. A hardly attractive laughter?? Come on!