"I Have Been Told I Have a Nice Voice"

I am not the kind of person to toot my own horn so to speak but over the years I have been told I have a nice voice. I don't mean a singing voice though. Lord have Mercy everyone would have to wear earplugs for that! What I am referring to is simply a nice speaking voice and telephone voice. I used to work as a dispatcher and sometimes I had to make announcements over a loud system. The people I worked for liked it when I did the announcements or had to page people. I have had a lot of people comment on my telephone voice also.

 The last place I worked at the Office Manager told me I had a husky voice. She thought it was an attractive thing for a woman to speak like a little girl. This woman was my mother's age and she always tried to talk like a little girl. Even her own daughter complimented my voice over the phone. This lady was the only person I ever met that said the opposite. I don't have a husky voice. I do not think I sound like a Drag Queen or anything but that is how she made me feel at times. I have a slightly raspy kind of voice but it's not a deep voice or anything. It's funny how people see things differently. Oh well I guess different opinions is what makes the world go around!

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I suppose it's nice of EP to show their most recent 7-year-old-posts. Aren't there any new posts about good singing voices?