Eye Have Aqua Eyes =)

yes I get this alot people always say wow your eyes are so beautiful,some say I have eyes of the ocean.  :)  they change colors,depending on my mood some of their colors are blue...deepblue...green...aqua...and gray. I consider being lucky why? You ask well....i don't gotta buy color contacts and I get to play them up (u ladies kn what I'm tk n bout) and it overall gives me a differant look...i luv my baby blues! Although I wanna kn what I look like w/bn eyes. I already kn what I look like w/all the natural eye colors.   Lolz    well no matter what you were born w/embrace it n luv it!    ;)
butterflylisa butterflylisa
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1 Response Nov 23, 2010

sounds beautiful! :)