A Nickname I Hated

I got a nickname I hated in high school. I was in the back of the class, applying mascara ( yes I know I should have been paying attention), and the teacher said, "Hey bedroom eyes, over here, pay attention" and everyone started calling me bedroom eyes.
Glad high school is over
Zarifa Zarifa
18-21, F
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thats not so bad kids tease and can come up with some bad ones mcmutt6@gmail.com

heheh bedroom eyes sounds kinda hot :P

That would be unnerving, for sure... my nickname was Salem (by my brother), for Salem "smooth smoking" cigarettes... I hate cigarettes. lol

Hahaha , beats my nicknames.
Lector (yup Hannibal Lector)
Bedroom eyes
Weirdo .

Another one my brother likes ... and my friend does, too... "Handicapable"... I have cerebral palsy in my legs... but I hate politically correct names. lol

Handicapable? WHAT? LOL

My brother says that the word was mentioned on some 80's sit com because one of the people on there was saying that she was handicapable... capable despite her disability. lol :)

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