Do I Really?

I've been told that I have beautiful eyes by a guy I used to work with. I got the impression that this guy liked me, I wasn't sure though. He looked at me a lot while I worked on the register. I'm shy... so I never looked at him back. One day he said that I have beautiful eyes and I denied it. I told him his eyes were more beautiful. Then I told him I was awkward. He told me not to say that... it made him kinda irritated.  I guess guys don't really like when a girl puts herself down. He made my day. That happened a year ago. I don't work there anymore, but still remember how nice that guy was.
justlana justlana
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 12, 2012

When you put yourself down it turns them off. Believe in yourself girl!

it strikes me as odd that a lot of guys i know are irritated whenever a girl puts herself down.