Part 2, Whisper

Part 2, Whisper
Every time a bell rings, another angel gets its wings. What was that I thought, in front of me seated in a wheel chair; a gray-head man with a train conductor’s hat on. He smiled and drove away. That is when I notice that the voice was gone. Right be for closing time, I heard it, every time a bell rings another angel gets its wings. I notice that the man had returned. Hi, he mentioned with his head. What that sound, and where is it coming from? “It a tap connected up to speakers under my wheel chair” giving a big smile. ‘Well I thought it was coming from you somehow” I like your work” I so it yesterday when I passed by. “Is that so”, I got up from my set and moved towards him. “My name is Samuel” reaching out to take his hand. Am Isaac, they call me the whisper man; I have been do the whisper for many years on the beach. We made small talk, had a few laughs when he asked me “where do you live” In my car” WO! Will you be here tomorrow? Yes! OK I will be by. I will be here. The next day he told me; “I have had a camper in his back yard, you are welcome to stay three until you find some better, it’s a lot bigger than a car” Any way it up to you if you want to go to heaven?” What do you mean, if I want to go to heaven? Well I do not know any one that does not want to live in heaven. A funny man I thought, where is the heaven you are talk about. Here! In the city of the angels as he laughed. I will give you my address and you can come when you are ready OK! Do not think about any paying, I will take care of that before you get there, it been arranged. Give it to me. The next day when I arrived, walking up the driveway written in the concrete in front of the doorway like a welcome mat Heaven!
I was of me a new adventure with new friends; he was a minster like his roommate. Let us just say it was very cool to hangout. It was not the first time I hung out with their kind, the Archbishop of Canterbury and Presbyterian minters were always part of my life. Some say that a true artist is a priest. I would not know because I never thought of myself as being and artist. It was just something others said when writing about me. He had a longtime friend that came over from time to time, Leroy” He was older, then Isaac in his 70’s, he was in his last days of dying. Isaac had been a movie star and Leroy his friend.
One night while sleeping out back, I heard someone say Samuel” I thought I was dreaming so I was not alarumed. “Samuel! I thought who or what that! Joe always came to my door and called me when they needed me. I helped around the house at times, I think that was the real reason I was there. I sit up in bed, to see that I was alone. Yes! Who is there? Not a sound came back. That was funny I thought, I would have awaken if someone came to where I was sleeping. There was monition detectors when activated was words. “GOD IS WATCHING OUR *** AND SO ARE WE!” I always hear that in the night when sound seem multiplied. Therefore, I got up to look around outside my door. I thought I but some I was told as a child, do not be afraid of the dead they cannot hart you; it is the living you have to watch out for. Therefore, I made my way to the door. “Is there anyone out there?’ Not a sound so I open my door and it sit off the detectors, “GOD IS WATCHING YOUR ***, AND SO ARE WE!” Well that solved the problem about the sound working.
I went back to bed and just led there, and “SAMUEL! I sit up dam what the hell, No sounds. I led back “SAMUEL am over here! “ Where, in this place, he told me that he was going to take me with him when he go’s. What place? Over here,” It was the voice of a little girl. I sat up in bed, “where are you?” The next day I went into the apartment office and sat down. TO BE CONTINUING…

“Where are you?” The next day I went into the apartment office and sat down opposite Rev. Joe
“The strangest things happen to me last night.” Oh and what was that? I have the strangest filling am supposed to fine someone. “I think its Leroy.” Oh, Samuel Leroy died last night. Really’ Yes the home where he was staying call Isaac and gave him the new.” Well if it not Leroy then it must be someone ells. However, I think it is about Leroy I think I was to tell him something or give him something. He sat there looking at me with the look of a puzzle pace remove. He was your facilitator and he seems challenged by what I said. How is Isaac taking it? He got a drink; all his friends seem to be dying. You know. I still fill I have to find something, maybe from him. Just tell me what happen. After repeating my story to him” I do not what I can do. “Maybe it’s at his house in LA, I do not think he will be going back there?’ “Where is it? He ends up giving me the address so I flowed up by, going there,” which by the way I was told in other places to stop by people how knew him all day long. On my way home, I was thinking that I most have missed something; my leads were all dead ends. Coming I walked up the driveway; I turn into the office and sat down and looked at Joe.” Did you fine what you were looking for?” NO! It was all dead ends. “I most have missed something; “does Leroy have any things around here? “There is some of his thing in one of the storage locker out back, as he moved toward the keys, “and the key is hanging right here”.
I will check it out, I know it something but I fill closer. OK! Check it out third from the right top locker, about half way the back wall as” I was walking out the door”. Around back, I saw that there was an old car park close up to the locker, and I had to squash my body toward the lock. Getting it open, the doors seem only to crack at the top. I could see in, there was a lot of thing in side of a big box. I wanted to see if it was Leroy’s stuff. So using one hand to brace the door open, I reach for what looked like a round oatmeal box. As soon as my hands touch it, it seems to explode. All I could see was dust very where and all over my clothes. “What the hell was that” I was not hart, as I pier throw the crack of the door, I could see that the top came off the box.
I reach to grab hold of the box to pull it towards me and in to view, it was some stuff in it and some paper. Taking out the paper, I saw the words. Please do not throw me away, am Leroy’s sister, and he promised to take me with him when he go’s. Dam” It was the voice of the girl it was she who was calling me. She had die, as a young girl and he had been carrying her around with himself for years. I looked at the ***** that was all over me an on my face, and tried carefully place it back in the container witch was dated. That is when it hit me I had released her spirit when I touch the container top. I remember she told me she was in a hole in the dark stuck in the wall…
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Jun 18, 2012