Shame On Me.

When I was on my teenage years, I was a little chubby (not really, but not thin as I am now) I have been told by many that I look like Emma Roberts. My smile got a resemblance when she smiles..according to my friends. Though I beg to disagree. She's so beautiful, I am nothing compares to her.

Now that I lose a lot of weight, I have been told I look like Angelina Jolie (this will raise objections I'm pretty sure haha) But I swear it's not my opinion. Some say it's the lips and a bit of my facial structure like my jaw.

Anyways, if only these celebrities will know that they are being compared to that's a big insult. Shame on me. :)

runawayme runawayme
26-30, F
Nov 6, 2012