This has happened a lot ever since The Weeknd got famous. I had been listening to him for years without actually seeing him so when I did I was like "Wait the hell up! That looks a lot like me!". But yeah he's one of my favorite artist. His story, his talent and his work ethic are really things that I admire. I'm sure he had people saying he couldn't make it and he made it big anyway, and coming from being homeless. That kind of story means a lot to someone like me. There's few that I look up to but he's got my respect and support. XO.
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Just grow some wild hair, you'll look exactly like Abel

Yeah that'd be a lot of fun. I think I'd just stick with the Thursday style though, the clean, suave look where his hair looks gelled up.

I'd refrain from jocking his current trends or signature touches too much.

I would like to be fluent in French though. I've got relatives that are fluent in it so I've got free claim to that lol.

Omg you do look like him lol

Lol crazy right?

Yes haha