I Don't Believe It

I got cigarettes for my roommate the other day at the convenience store, and they carded me. Does that mean I don't look over 18?
Then today, when I got some goodies at the bridal shop, she thought I was 20. I said "that's nice of you". I rationalized it though, telling myself she was just being the good salesperson. So I'll be a good customer. Well, I sure do have the adolescent acne curse. UGH!
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4 Responses Jul 21, 2010

People's comments here are all true... we shouldn't hate it but do... I was carded for beer for like an eternity... And I always got crap from older women who thought I wasn't "old enough" to play.... Now I love someone younger.... Can't the rules of the game even stay the same?

Store all these compliments up until you are 60 and then you can re live them....lol<br />
I can remember when I turned 40, and when it was your birthday at work you'd take in a cake, we were enjoying the cake when one of the men walked through and asked who'se b/day it was, I said my 50th, [thinking he'd say], gee you don't look it, the so and so said nothing....ggggrrr.

It is better to look younger than older. Be happy about it. Imagine when you get to 60 and they will think you are 40.

At least they didn't say you looked 60. Smile! You're HOT!