I love god and i know he wants me to care for my self but i feel lower then anything describable. i have been call every name under the blue moon and i cant take it and it even worse when some of it comes from home.
i hurt my self all the time and often dont eat. i have so many medical problems that have no answers and i fed up with life.
i have depression and aneity and i think i am falling bak in to anerexia, i cant help it and i dont want people to juge. it weird how much people can hate you when you might have never even talk to you and it evven weireder one minute i healthly weight and there calling me to fat but then i under weight and then there calling me to skinny. sometime when i was it the recovery stage of it some persone called me fat and i swear i was about to kill my self.
i dont like how i am and i feel like everyone around me is leting me down.
i feel werthless and i ges thats becuase i have been called it so many times i gave in and now i belive it.
i want to change but it a long journey i know cause i started once and didnt finish and now i have to start again

i just need to get that of my chest.
god bless you all and stay strong
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13-15, F
Nov 28, 2012