The Happy Coon Trap

Why do black people buy into the negative stereotypes about us? I've never understood this.  I remember back in the 80s when Bill Cosby was criticized for the portrayal of his TV family as not being really black.  Why? Because they cam from a family of professionals whose children all went to school, not jail.  Because they lived in a house and not the projects.  Is this not the average black family?  That may be true, but not every black family is uneducated and poor either.  This came from black critics who should have checked their history to see that there has been a black middle and upper middle class in America fir over 200 years.  What do they think all those black colleges are doing, fronting for number holes?  Usually theses  arguments about not being black enough come from people who themselves come from the black elite and not the working class masses they love to laud.  It seems to escape them that by trying to reject the European standard of being culturally acceptable, they are accepting the noble savage stereo type.  A savage is a savage and it's not meant to be a compliment.

It happens also in music.  Critics attacked Charlie Parker and the other Be Boppers for moving away from the tradition of Louis Armstrong.  Once again, black music was supposed to be intuitive and not intellectual, as if Armstrong didn't put any thought into his music.  They came out again when the Avaunt Guard jazz movement was born.  Once again they were moving away from black culture.  The same critics spent many years being ashamed of the Blues.  By criticizing any development that does not fit into their vision of what noble uncouth, backwards, ignorant, but happy savages black people are, they are doing more to promote an negative image of black people than The Klu Klux Klan.  And the "black masses" loved the Cosby show.
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Roberta Flack had to put up with a lot of flak too, for not being black enough. Mindblowing